Shipping Policy


Zendrian can ship to almost every country in the world! However certain regulations may prevent us from shipping to certain countries that are at war or under trade restrictions. 

Shipping Speed

As an expert in international shipping, we’ll offer what we believe to be the best shipping options available to you given your item and the speed at which you’d like to receive it.

Most of our items ship from Hong Kong or China, however many of our items may ship from a warehouse closer to you. We’ll choose the best shipping origin based on the item and availability. 

In general, we offer 4 levels of shipping performance:



Please be aware that the above shipping times are only estimates provided to us by the relevant shipping carriers and may change based on many factors, including holidays, weather, force majeure, natural disasters, customs delays, public holidays, and similar.

Dispatch Timeframe
In most cases, Zendrian will dispatch your order and provide a tracking number (for trackable shipments) within 24-72 hours of your order. You will receive an email once your tracking number has been generated.

Why is my tracking number not working yet?
In some cases, due to certain shipping types, the tracking number may not work for several days after shipping. The reason for this is that Zendrian may bundle many orders received on the same day into a larger container to be shipped to your country as a group, after which your order will be separated from the group and then dispatched directly to you.

Tax and Duty
It is the customer’s responsibility to pay for and arrange any applicable import duty, taxes, or import approval upon arrival. The exact amount of any duty or taxes will be dependent on your country’s tax authorities and we are unable to predict or tell you exactly what those charges may be. It’s up to you to determine in advance what any duty or tax assessment may be.

Please note that if the order is not accepted, is refused, or the customer refuses to pay the customs/tax/duty fees before receiving the order, the customs offer will usually destroy the item or may ship it back to us. In either of these cases, the customer will be responsible for shipping, taxes, and handling fees that will occur.

Be aware that some of the devices we sell, such as RF transmitters/receivers, security devices, RC toys (especially large RC Drones), spy cameras, and similar may require special import permission or a license to possess. It’s up to you to arrange this permission in advance and any failure to do so will be at the customer’s responsibility. 

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