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Where does Zendrian Ship?

We ship everywhere! Even though we’re best at shipping to the USA, United Kingdom, and Australia, we can ship anywhere else as well. Go ahead and place your order and we’ll calculate the shipping costs at the time of checkout. For some countries not on our list above, the shipping charged at checkout is an estimate and we may contact you if we need recommend an alternative shipping method with a different cost for your destination. In most countries the normal methods are great, but we always check so that we can be sure your delivery will be smooooooooooooth

When Will my Order Ship?

Nearly every order will ship within 24-48 hours of being received and payment confirmed, excluding weekends and major Chinese Holidays, such as Chinese New Year and the Harvest Festival. During these holidays we like to let our people go to be with their families, and the Chinese shipping routes are closed anyways. In some cases, we need to move inventory from one of our warehouses to another prior to dispatch for shipping. We do this to keep shipping costs as low as possible and occasionally this movement can add a short delay. In this case, even though we will begin the process immediately, you may not receive your tracking number until 4-9 days (on average) after placing the order. This is normal and no reason for concern! We’ll keep you updated during the whole process.

Will I have to pay taxes or duty upon receiving my order?

It depends! Most orders will arrive to your country and pass through the border without the need to pay a duty or tax, although some countries will collect a tax. Zendrian will print the item description and place a reasonable value on the commercial invoice and the tax may be based on this amount. Please note that Zendrian has no control over whether taxes will be charged, and if you don’t pay the tax or refuse delivery, your money may not be refundable in full.

Are there import restrictions on my order?

There are no restrictions on the import of almost everything we offer but be aware there are some items we sell such as spy cameras, RF devices, and large commercial drones that might require an import or use license in your country. We can ship these items; but your country may not permit them to be delivered to you. We recommend that you check with your country’s regulatory authorities if you are ordering a device that may be restricted. If the item is seized or otherwise lost at the border because of an import restriction, the buyer will accept responsibility and may not receive a refund.

How does the warranty process work?

Zendrian offers several guarantees to ensure you are happy with your order. After all, we’re here to make this a great shopping experience! If your items arrives and doesn’t work right away, you can follow our return policy for a full refund or exchange. In the unfortunate circumstance that your item stops working after this period, we’re here to help! Most manufacturers offer a 1-year full warranty on their products so long as you cover the shipping charges, and we’ll help you the whole way to ensure your item is repaired and back in action as quickly as possible.

What if my ordered item is missing a part?

We do our best to double check every order for completeness, but in some circumstances a piece may be missing from your order, such as a charging cable or an earbud or other small accessory part. If this happens, let our Customer Service team know right away and we’ll get the replacement part in the mail to you promptly. If you ordered multiple items and one is missing entirely, it may be coming to you in a separate parcel.

Is your product missing a manual, or is the manual in Chinese language only?

Yikes! We’re sorry about that.
Nearly everything we sell rolls off the assembly line with a Chinese manual included by default and we work hard to swap these for the English versions if they exist. But there are some cases where you might not get it! Bear with us and we’ll help you at every step of the way:

1. Let us know right away, we may have PDF version that we can send by email
2. We’ll help translate anything that doesn’t make sense
3. Some products don’t include manuals from the manufacturer and instead only link to a photo or video