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What’s coming in 2019 tech?

As 2019 draws closer, let’s take a look at the emerging technology that looks set to hit the consumer market over the next twelve months.

The advent of Artificial Intelligence creeping into our daily lives has drawn much global debate as these devices infiltrate our homes and workspaces. Who are our friends and foes in this emerging tech world? What gadgets look set to problem solve and optimize our daily existence? Let’s take a look at some of these emerging technologies and crunch down what it all means to the average consumer.

Natural Language Generation is an artificial intelligence sub-discipline that converts data into text enabling computers to communicate with each other with near-perfect accuracy. NLG has been with us for a long time but the technology has only just become widely available. Expect more Speech Recognition in 2019. Computers are now listening and understanding more often and transcribing human language through voice-responsive mobile apps and interactive systems.

Machine Learning is hot on the calendar for 2019. Nowadays computers have not only the ability to understand information but to expediently learn through dedicated algorithms. This technology will become more widespread over the coming months as our devices becoming become truly smart.

Virtual Agents are computer-generated, artificially intelligent, animated characters who act as real-life online customer service representatives. These virtual agents can communicate with users and respond to questions. They may service a product or host a property viewing. At some point an off-shoot of these characters may overtake the educational field with virtual teachers conducting 360 degree virtual tours of historic locations or acting as museum guides. Think of visual agents as the ghosts within the machine and expect more of them over the coming months.


Augmented Analytics utilizes the aforementioned machine learning and natural language to automate data preparation and enable data sharing. Simplified data results using sophisticated tools mean that businesses in 2019 can make day-to-day decisions using machine assisted results analysis.   


Immersive Experiences. Probably top of the list of anybody’s 2019 technology to look out for are the virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technologies afoot. With social media giants Facebook fully backing this brave new world we can expect to see many developments in the VR/AR space over the next twelve months. Imagine the potential in gaming, shopping, entertainment, education, and even medical fields! Immersive experiences will no doubt encompass some, if not all, of the aforementioned technologies.