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Are Smart Watches Trending Up?

Internet sources claim that smart watches are set to grow by 20 percent each year over the next five years, with a total of 243 million unit sales by 2022 – that’s a lot of smart watches or bands as they are often referred to.

71 million smart watches are predicted to have been sold this year with the Apple Watch leading the way with the introduction of a cellular-enabled model pushing up sales in the $5 billion range in 2017.

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The Chinese market is particularly strong with an estimated 25 million units sold, many of those to children who have fallen hook line and sinker for the mobile connected wrist pieces. So it seems smart bands are here to stay. The top-selling smart band at Zendrian has been the Xiaomi Mi Brand 3 and retailing at under $20 and we can see why consumers are working up a sweat for it.

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Active lifestyles users are looking to the smartwatch to keep count of their daily exercise activities and help them keep in shape, which may be just as well following the indulgencies undertaken during the festive period. A smart band makes a perfect stocking-sized gift, so if you know someone who could use a lifestyle change, treat them this Christmas.