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What Is USB Quick Charge 3.0?

Quick Charge Technology

Quick charge technology has been around for a short while now but not known by too many, and its premise is exactly what it says. A quick charger charges technology at a faster and more efficient rate, so that heavy phone users don’t have to constantly wait around for their phone to be ready. This is done by charging at higher voltages.

Due to the fast-paced nature of the world, quick charge technology has become more important. So, what does the latest instalment of quick charge technology offer, that the previous one didn’t?

Quick Charge 3.0

Quick charge 3.0 offers a few improvements on the previous generation of the innovation. The most significant of those is the efficiency. With quick charge 3.0, quick chargers like the Xiaomi 6 USD Port QC 3.0; are now 4 times faster than a conventional charger. However, this isn’t a huge increase on the 2.0 technology. 3.0 is now tuned so that it automatically uses the optimum voltage for your device. This avoids wasting unnecessary power and ensures you get the fastest charge possible.

Another great feature of this addition is the charger now draws less power when it isn’t needed. This means in the latter stages of charging, the quick charger will become more energy efficient, in order to avoid wastage. This is a good feature when it comes to a Quick Charging Powerbank.

Quick Chargers – Different Types For Different Uses

Despite quick chargers advancing in efficiency, there are still choices to make. While searching for and buying Quick Chargers online can be a difficult process as there is so much choice, one thing that makes it easier is that there are quick chargers for different uses.

For heavy users of various devices, there is the Xiaomi 6 port quick charger. These allow you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Another slightly alternative use.

If you needed a quick charger for your vehicle while being on-the-go, the LDNIO car charger would be a more sensible purchase than one designed for the home.

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