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If you work on the go, this GPD mini laptop could be a better choice

The GPD Pocket Mini-Laptop arrives on our HQ shores possibly solving that aching laptop in the pocket question. But the question on everyone’s lips is, really, just how small is too small? And do we really need a smaller laptop in the world? While the Macbook or the Surface are both popular among budding entrepreneurs being light, thin, and elegant to the eye, their drawback lays in their overall size and bulk, GPD reckon.

GPD believe the laptop needs to get smaller still and they seem to have, on first glance, negotiated the technical hurdles to do so with their thin, lightweight, and tiny laptop device. This pocket-sized-product has a sleek appearance and can be tucked away out of sight, much like a mobile phone, into your pocket, hand, or man-bag. But how practical is a device that has you typing with the kind of fingertip precision normally reserved for a doctor performing strategic keyhole heart surgery?

The GPD Pocket uses an active cooling design which is totally necessary (these smaller laptop devices heat up quick). It runs on windows 10 and has a HDMI cable to connect up to macro-hardware should the miniature world become massively overbearing. The screen is a compact, 7 inches. There’s an external 4G network with an interface USB port for internet accessibility and there’s a pretty cool Skype internet phone to boot.

GPD say their ultimate aim is to put the laptop in the pocket. And while that indeed is a noble quest we find ourselves asking the question - why? Don’t laptops belong in the shoulder bag and on the, ahem, lap? Shouldn’t we be unashamedly proud of unsheathing our manly 15 inches in a crowded Starbucks and tapping away on our latest novel or film-script?

Anyone who uses the laptop as a serious tool for writing will find that any keyboard attached to a screen of less than 12 inches is less than ideal. As the devices become smaller our hand size remains the same. While a being a neat novelty palmtop and useful for making quick edits in Office while on the fly, we doubt a device this small will overtake the traditional laptop models on a practical level. 

The portability of this small device could well attract the fashion market. GPD see the Pocket as a potential must have accessory, and they may well be on to something in that department. Should this device pick up steam and become desirable then there’s no telling where it might lead. The pure silver-colored magnesium alloy CNC all-in-one body spells nifty craftsmanship comparable to the rival Apple Macbook Air. And if the device becomes noticed it may become vogue. You can check out and buy the GDP Pocket Mini Laptop here.


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