E-Bike or E-Scooter – which is the Better Choice?

E-Bike or E-Scooter – which is the Better Choice?

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Okay - here’s the quandary. You want to explore the city and commute to the office electronically. It makes sense, it’s economical, and you won’t be burning fossil fuels getting from post to pillar.

But should you be hitting the streets on the electric bike or electric scooter? What’s the difference between a bike and a scooter, anyway? Is it just a matter of design? Age, gender, personal preference? Or are there unique personality quirks that make you either a scooter or a bike kind of person?

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both here on Zendrian, as we ask the question – should we bike or should we scoot?

Electric Bikes

Cities around the world are beginning to take to the e-bike like ducks to water. Oh yes, dedicated bike lanes are popping up from Berlin to Bangkok so you’ll have no trouble finding your own space to commute in most urban spaces.

Bangkok is planning to build over 350km of bike lanes around the city within the foreseeable future. But it remains to be seen if motorcycle taxis won’t see that opportunity to sneak into a cheeky express lane just too tempting to resist!

Electric bikes are also (depending on the rider!) less dangerous than scooters scoring extra points in the stability stakes. Bikes also perform favourably in the comfort arena, having, as they do, seats! But aren’t the scooters better due to their portability? Well, the DYU Smart Bike also folds down quite neatly. If it’s a fitness drive you’re after, you’ll be able to work-out those muscles while riding the e-bikes.

In Singapore e-bikes are required to use the pedal assist system as featured on the stylish Xiaomi Qicycle R1 road bike. This e-bike takes the electric / manual bike to a whole new level with a sleek lightweight frame and Shimano gear system. We’re a big fan of the R1 here at Zendrian!

Xiaomi QiCYCLE R1 TDF Level Road Bike, at $4,889.99

Electric Scooters

Although e-bikes are undoubtedly more versatile and road-friendly let’s not forget that not everyone can ride a bike! Believe or not, some folks never got around to learning as a kid, and these guys will find the e-scooter a lot easier to get to grips with in later life.

And then there’s the portability - the Xiaomi M365 Electric Scooter folds down into a transportable unit that you can pick up and carry on the train easily. Yes, some of the bikes fold down too, but they generally aren’t as light and commuter friendly as the scooters are.

Safety is another reason to choose the scooter over the electric bike. With the HX e-scooter you’ll be able to hit the pavement in cities like Singapore, so you won’t be weaving between ten-wheel trucks and public buses while praying for safety! 

So which is better? It totally depends on the riding experience you’re looking for, the design fetishes you may harbor, and your own unique travel requirements.

For those of you still struggling with that scooter/bike choice dilemma why not consider the Xiaomi Himo V1 Foldable electric scooter? While branded as a scooter this scooter boasts features more familiar to that of an electric bike. With bikes and scooters often sharing the same motors, batteries and external fittings the bike and scooter may be more similar than they first appear. Maybe you just need to choose one and go with the flow.

XiaoMi MiJia M365 Electric Scooter, at $339


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