Are foldable phones the next step in smartphone innovation?

Are foldable phones the next step in smartphone innovation?

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2019 will see the introduction of the Huawei 5G foldable smartphone says their chairman Ken Hu.

“For our first 5G smartphone we’re going to introduce a foldable screen,” Hu said at the World Economic Forum according to Telecoms.com.

This will be the first of its kind and will put the pressure on Samsung to beat them to the market when they unveil plans for their foldable device in November 2018.

Huawei showed the world their own foldable device at the recent IFA begging the question – could a foldable device actually replace the netbook or laptop?

Handset designers have been assessing flexible screen technology for some time now as they try to gain an innovative foothold in a seasoned market. Phones with a foldable clam-shell-like design open up to allow use of a tablet-sized screen, but it remains to be seen if this technology will really catch on.

Huawei’s mission, it seems, is to promote the benefits of 5G while adding HG streaming to a large foldable screen, incorporate a cloud-based AI, and top it off with the ease of a constant 5G connection.

The device will arrive in the summer of 2019, but could hit stores earlier if Samsung join the hunt and try to hit the market hard with a 5G foldable first. It is unknown if the Samsung foldable device will have 5G support, but all will be revealed come November, and the race may well be on.

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