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A mobile gym? Take your treadmill with you anywhere

Walking Pad Smart Treadmill buy online

The Walking Pad came to life through a Xiaomi crowd-funding campaign and we have to admit it’s pretty neat. Basically, it’s a much smaller version of the standard treadmill you’ll often see at the gym. The Walking Pad differs in cost, weight, and portability. It’s much smaller, lighter and much more affordable than your standard treadmill, and, we have to admit, a cool way to maintain your exercise routine despite the rain hammering down on the windows outside.     

Smart walking has never been smarter with this awesome little treadmill. There are no elaborate handlebars to get in the way - the speed range (0.5 to 6 km/h) is controlled by a remote control or via a smartphone app. The walking pad, once used, can slide out of sight and out of mind under a bed or wardrobe.

Walking Pad Smart Treadmill	SALE

Walking Pad Smart Treadmill	SALE

Weighing in at just 28 kilos the mini treadmill supports a weight load of 90 kg with an aluminum alloy body and a high density elastic walking pad. There’s both a manual and an automatic mode for this super-convenient piece of innovative kit from Xiaomi. You can buy the treadmill here.

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