4 Best Electric Bikes of 2018

4 Best Electric Bikes of 2018

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Electric bikes are hitting the global streets in a big way.

Since 2010 in China, the electric bike, has been replacing traditional fossil-fuel-powered mopeds and smaller motorbikes, and you can see why. These bikes are affordable to buy and run and ideal for short-distance travel incorporating hops on public transport.

The bikes in our list below are light, easy to carry, and run from the battery or good old fashioned pedal power. Ideal for the daily office commute or just some general urban exploration the electric bike looks to continue selling in high numbers leaving its more traditional counterparts behind.

We’ve taken a look at five of the hottest e-bike models on the market right now and weighed up their specs, pros and cons.        

First up is the Xiaomi V1 foldable pedelec electric scooter. This bike runs from a 205W motor and realizes speeds of up to 20km/h on a flat smooth surface. There’s a sturdy 12 inch rubber tire for negotiating all terrains, and the bike neatly folds down to an easy to carry unit.

A full charge will take 3-4 hours and keeps you running for up to 50km. There’s a simple (but neat) handlebar display where you can toggle between electric and manual modes and check your clocked mileage. It comes in a white or orange finish and retails at for $427.51, and is a pretty all round solid choice to begin your e-bike odyssey on.   

Next on our list is the Xiaomi Mijia Qicycle EF1. Small and lightweight at 14.5kg with, like most in its class, a maximum power life of around 45km. This bike travels at speeds up to 20km/h, and is a touch more expensive than the V1 at $459.00.

Powered by a Panasonic 18650 lithium battery with a Torque measurement sensor and 3 gear hub, this is another solid entry-level electric bike. This bike is equipped with a pro electrical boosting system - smart sensors detect your tread power and produce an output boost appropriate to assist your cycling -
awesome for those steep inclines.        

The Xiaomi Qicycle R1 sits proudly in the high-end of the e-bike market with a cool price tag of $4,889.99. This road bike hooks up to a functional smart phone app and boasts all the attributes you’d expect from a top quality road bike. An integrated Shimano shifting system allows the rider the true pro-cyclist experience.

This sleek design larger road bike weighs a total of 7kg being built with full carbon fibre manufacturing technology. On the other hand, unlike the others on our list, this bike doesn’t fold down into that train-friendly commuter package, and the cost might hinder some from starting out with this elegant and fine electric bike model.           

Lastly, the popular DYU smart bike D2 (second generation) retails at $626 and is available in a striking white or black finish. It features manual, electric, and electric-moped modes and an aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame with a lightweight folding design. Input your anti-theft smart password to start the 250W motor and switch to cruise control to navigate the streets in style.

This bike has double disk brakes to front and back and travels at speeds up to 25 km/h. A charging time of only 3 hours is also a distinct advantage for choosing this popular electric bike model.


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